Justin Lanchbury

Business Development

Based at X2X Creative Services Soho

Justin has had an accomplished and interesting professional life, starting out in software development and making his way to the movie industry. He says that, when he made landfall in the movies, he instantly loved the people, the tech and the excitement of the industry.

Having made a start in DI finishing at a boutique camera and post studio, Justin went on to set up a DI facility at award-winning post-production company, De Lane Lea. He then moved to the acclaimed UK post-production company, Molinare, where he soon became Head of Sales.

Well, that was a while back. These days, Justin’s job at X2X Creative Services is Director of Sales, and, with his broad range of experience in post-production matters and also in the business side of things, we rely on him to bring clear-headed and effective support to all of our projects.

Justin maintains that from production to post, and on through to distribution, workflow is key to a project’s success and smooth running; a principle that helps to bridge the gap between a director’s creative vision and the producer’s budget constraints to achieve a successful outcome for everyone.

Career Highlights
Di Film Consultant: Ex-Machina, Brooklyn, 71, Victor Frankenstein
65mm IMAX Film Dailies Manager: No Time To Die
Associate Producer: Moon