Piers Leighton

Lab Manager

Based at X2X Creative Soho

Piers’ background in producing in-flight radio shows for the likes of Virgin Atlantic was fantastic preparation for a move into the film industry. When a friend couldn’t make it to work on the set of Gravity, Piers was delighted to step in. That was back in 2010 and Piers has gone from strength to strength since then as an expert in all things CODEX. From Gravity, he moved to the near set digital lab, on Plan B's World War Z and went on to head up the near-set dailies lab on location in India and Jordan for Zero Dark 30.

Piers was invited to beta-test and help shape the CODEX Vault that would go on to support ground-breaking cameras like the ALEXA LF, SXT and 65. His on-set experience proved invaluable when shaping the workflow for these high-end cameras. Piers still enjoys managing dailies labs on location, or in the Soho Hub. Recent projects include Spiderman: Far From Home

In his personal life, Piers is a family man with creative interests, in particular, wood carving and brewing craft beer. He also has an extensive collection of music on vinyl.